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Amy Kirk Marshfield, Wisconsin

First Name : Amy
Last Name : Kirk
Gender : F
Age : 36
City : Marshfield
State : WI
Country : US

Amy Kirk started seeing my husband and calling him baby while we were doing pretty good. We had an ideal life going but my man craves chaos and she is a hot mess that works at McDonald’s. She has no car, can’t even live on her own even though shes 36 years old. She has charges of materials to manufacture meth while in possession of a child. She was in my garage when my husband got arrested for domestic abuse. We were fighting because he didn’t keep his d**k in his pants. She can have him now. She will help him destroy his life. He will miss out on watching our amazing baby grow up. It’s his loss!!!

One thought on “Amy Kirk Marshfield, Wisconsin

  1. Think about this for a second….she can post your info, including phone number here and make up incredible lies and hurt your reputation in your town. Would you want that? What you should have done is act like a real woman and direct you anger towards the person you were in a relationship with. It was up to HIM to not get involved. Blasting her is childish, immature and just plain wrong.

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