Psycho of the Week (POTW)

Each week we will feature a different Psycho of The Week (POTW). If you want a profile to be the POTW tell everyone to comment on that profile. You can share the profile on all the popular social websites, but clicking the SHARE button at the top of each profile. The POTW will be the profile with the most recent comments.

The Psycho of the Week this week is:

Below are the most recent psychos to be posted at To view a specific psycho, click their name to view their profile. Once you are done viewing the profile, you can make your voice heard by voting in psycho polls, or leaving a message to the psycho's guestbook.

Pic First Name Last Name Age Sex Country State Submitted
View Psycho kirk hammett 55 M US CA 3/22/18 09:39AM
View Psycho Luke Davis 28 M US AL 3/21/18 10:48AM
View Psycho Nathan Hicks 20 M US AR 3/20/18 09:14PM
View Psycho kirk hammett 55 M US CA 3/20/18 08:37PM
View Psycho kirk hammett 55 M US CA 3/20/18 08:36PM
View Psycho Barry Robert Baker, Jr. 29 M US PA 3/19/18 06:31PM
View Psycho Heather Hartmann 44 F US DE 3/19/18 02:19PM
View Psycho John Reidell 54 M US CO 3/19/18 01:40PM
View Psycho Salim C Mehajer 31 M AU - 3/19/18 01:16AM
View Psycho Antonio Lockhart 40 M US NJ 3/16/18 01:18PM
View Psycho Marcos Duroe 50 M GB - 3/15/18 09:48PM
View Psycho jennifer withers 42 F US IL 3/15/18 11:31AM
View Psycho Daniel Scott 35 M US CA 3/15/18 04:30AM
View Psycho Ken Braddock 49 M US GA 3/14/18 08:04PM
View Psycho Shauna Jay Byrd 27 F US NC 3/13/18 01:23AM
View Psycho Eric Hargraves Sr. 50 M US TX 3/12/18 05:42PM
View Psycho Rahan Halder 19 M IN 3/11/18 02:24PM
View Psycho Nico Conti 28 M US OH 3/10/18 11:16PM
View Psycho Bakari Pace 28 M US NY 3/10/18 11:55AM
View Psycho malakia malakies 42 M US NY 3/08/18 05:58PM
View Psycho Robert Knapp 40 M US ID 3/08/18 11:31AM
View Psycho Peter Bromfield 49 M US AZ 3/07/18 08:33AM
View Psycho Timothy Steward 25 M US GA 3/07/18 04:24AM
View Psycho Bridgette Beuttel 32 F US CA 3/06/18 03:56PM
View Psycho Valentine Kosyak 33 M US FL 3/06/18 05:05AM
View Psycho Charles Forrest Dunlavy Rothschild 55 M US CA 3/06/18 04:55AM
View Psycho Scott Lyons 44 M US MI 3/05/18 10:59PM
View Psycho Stephanie Box Smith 26 F US KS 3/04/18 11:11AM
View Psycho Gabriel Mane 38 M US FL 3/03/18 08:22PM
View Psycho Rachel Hoskins 37 F US OH 3/03/18 06:41PM