Psycho of the Week (POTW)

Each week we will feature a different Psycho of The Week (POTW). If you want a profile to be the POTW tell everyone to comment on that profile. You can share the profile on all the popular social websites, but clicking the SHARE button at the top of each profile. The POTW will be the profile with the most recent comments.

The Psycho of the Week this week is:

Below are the most recent psychos to be posted at To view a specific psycho, click their name to view their profile. Once you are done viewing the profile, you can make your voice heard by voting in psycho polls, or leaving a message to the psycho's guestbook.

Pic First Name Last Name Age Sex Country State Submitted
View Psycho Jeffrey Booth 47 M US CT 7/22/19 12:39AM
View Psycho Amanda Epkenyong 35 F US CA 7/21/19 11:50PM
View Psycho Robert Frank Morris 86 M GB - 7/21/19 08:49AM
View Psycho Jessie Benzing 21 F US MI 7/21/19 03:17AM
View Psycho Robert Adams 39 F US IL 7/20/19 11:09PM
View Psycho Glenn S. Hidalgo 50 M US NY 7/20/19 06:55PM
View Psycho Chris Harmon 36 M US FL 7/19/19 11:30PM
View Psycho Claudel Souverain 44 M US FL 7/19/19 11:19PM
View Psycho Erica Pendergrass 27 F US NC 7/18/19 03:27PM
View Psycho Damien Black 18 M US VA 7/17/19 10:04PM
View Psycho Jeff Booth 57 M US CT 7/16/19 08:09PM
View Psycho Gabriel Lopez-Raygoza 40 M US CA 7/16/19 06:29PM
View Psycho Gregory Peterson 49 M US TX 7/16/19 03:09PM
View Psycho Ami Knibbs 26 F CA AL 7/16/19 04:18AM
View Psycho Bruce Brownstein 60 M US PA 7/16/19 02:11AM
View Psycho Billy Fraud 56 M US LA 7/15/19 07:25PM
View Psycho Lamel J Hinton 43 M US NY 7/15/19 12:16PM
View Psycho Braeden Khal 18 M US MO 7/14/19 09:09PM
View Psycho Hunter O'Brien 26 M US CA 7/14/19 08:12PM
View Psycho Hunter O'brien 27 M US CA 7/14/19 06:39PM
View Psycho Danielle Doe 28 F US MA 7/14/19 04:44PM
View Psycho Kyle Driscoll 30 M US NY 7/14/19 09:55AM
View Psycho Kyle Driscoll 30 M US NY 7/14/19 09:53AM
View Psycho Kevin McIntire 30 M US FL 7/13/19 10:14PM
View Psycho Franca Stedile Angeli MD 47 F US PA 7/13/19 08:10PM
View Psycho Darren Ambler 41 M US NJ 7/11/19 05:32PM
View Psycho Dedrick Johnson 33 M US TX 7/11/19 06:19AM
View Psycho Mindy Murray 35 F US OH 7/10/19 10:16AM
View Psycho Susan Boyts 58 F US CA 7/09/19 01:13AM
View Psycho Shay Weakly 36 F US TX 7/08/19 06:44PM