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William Kuers Chocowinity, North Carolina

First Name : William
Last Name : Kuers
Gender : M
Age : 47
City : Chocowinity
State : NC
Country : US
Alias 1 : Goose
Alias 2 : Billy

William frederick kuers has a long and dangerous criminal history. He travels for work, welding, and is very good at lying. He has 5 kids and a violent history. His ex wife, Pamela kuers, is very involved in his life and involved in seducing and conning women. They are professionals at playing games and using their kids to gain other women’s trust and stealing from wealthy women. William kuers is a professional con artist, he is a professional liar, will steal, cheat, and physically hurt anyone that confronts him. PLEASE BEWARE, HE’S DANGEROUS AND HAS A LONG CRIMINAL HISTORY. Known accomplices are: Pamela clark kuers, eva cassels wheeler. Children: haleigh and Marissa kuers, colton Werner kuers, marianna wheeler kuers. William kuers is known to be emotionally and mentally unstable and suffer from psychotic disaloutions, all women should stay away from him, he is very cunning and convincing.

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