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William Donald Moore Plymouth MI USA

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William Moore, AKA Bill, AKA Billy is a cheater and always has been. He has cheated on every girlfriend he’s had, and hides it well. He’s the first to say “I love you,” and says it early in the relationship. He likes to charm girls and appears to be adoring, but in the end he is just the opposite. He buys flowers, writes little love notes, and buys things that seem to be special…but he does these same things for every girl, and multiple girls at the same time.
After being in a long term relationship, it was determined that the Moore Whore cheated on his girlfriend, with a married woman. They have had a secret relationship for at least 3 years. People say he wants her money. She says she liked his attention.
He is from Plymouth Michigan.
She is from Northville Michigan.
Her name is Lora Naccarato. She needs some eyebrows!

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