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Will Manso, Miami Beach, FL USA

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On television Will Manso @WillManso Instagram: willmanso could pass for some what decent looking (with makeup to hide his crater face and when he is not busy cloning himself to resemble a Disney character) but here’s some Fun Facts as to why ladies should turn the channel and run:

Will Manso Must tell at least one lie a day to feel good about himself.

Will Manso Cheats on everyone including his relationship with his kids.

Will Manso cries every day and sometimes for no reason.

Will Manso Has bad hemorrhoids. When he uses bathroom, he leaves a splatter of blood and shit on underside of toilet seat and won’t clean it. Be prepared to clean it for him girls.

Will Manso Has bad gas and Will Manso is always farting.

Will Manso has serious morning breath and body smells like onions. He showers but still stinks.

Will Manso’s clothes smell like mildew.

Will Manso talks trash about everyone including His family, whores, friends and co-workers.

Will Manso thinks he’s a local celebrity and he’s better than everyone. He’s Not!!! That’s why people use him because Will Manso is stupid.

Will Manso sleeps on same bed sheet and pillow cases (slept in/had sex) for months before washing it.

Will Manso talks to everyone like he talks to his children by telling them to shut up and don’t do that. Did I mention Will Manso cries a lot?

Will Manso uses people and plays games because he thinks he has a right to because he’s a celebrity.

Lastly, There’s more problems with Will Manso (too many more to list) so I’ll leave that surprise for you to find out what that is.

Good luck,
Ladies and Gents!

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