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Whitney Brumley, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma

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So this little girl Whitney Brumley started working at Walmart in July, it didn’t take her long to find my husband, they worked 2 days a week together she has told everyone “I didn’t know he was married” but I have all their messages saved including the ones that said “I’m not leaving her” said by the husband. Well she didn’t stop. This little skank tried for 3 months to get him to leave, well the day I found EVERYTHING the chick decided to keep it going along with him. They had sex that night. Well she has no respect for people or herself. It doesn’t take her long to spread her legs (she sent me a pussy pic) she now wants to say she didn’t know he was married, and other BS but I have all the messages from the start of them talking, if you want someone so easy to sleep with go after her ✌ side note: I know the husband is at fault also but this little floozy is acting like she didn’t do anything wrong. Trust me I can post ALL the messages.

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