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walter tollison

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About Walt: Very smiley. Always happy. Always promises the world. Constantly will say things to boost your ego.  This guy sells himself as cute and sweet and innocent. But admittedly is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Example. He cheated on his boyfriend for over two years. One day his boyfriend noticed the sheets smelling of another man. Walt fessed up to cheating and his boyfriend finally broke up with him. The same evening when his boyfriend came to pick up some of his stuff he walked in on Walt drunk with another random naked guy.

Walt Tollison is dirty.
• He does not use condoms.
• He has admittedly had sex with hundreds of men.
• He also has admittedly said that the only time he uses condoms is if the other guy provides them.
• Walt Tollison considers himself to be the hottest guy in Charleston.
• Walt Tollison is fat, greasy, hairy (in all the wrong places) and has a Crooked dick.
• Walt Tollison is a raging and disgusting alcoholic. He went to rehab in South Carolina and failed. He went to talbott rehab in Atlanta from December to march 2017 and got kicked out for sexual relations with multiple patients. In march he had to go to pride institute in Minneapolis for SEX ADDICTION and using multiple men to validate himself.
• Walt Tollison will LIE more than an anyone you’ve ever met.
• He is a sexual predactor and pariah. He likes very young boys. He seduces guys as young as 17 and probably younger.

He will string a long multiple guys at the same time. He feeds off of the sexual attention from multiple guys. All shallow sexual attention. He can’t stop himself he admits. He will use whatever words and methods to convince a guy to like him or fall for him so that he can get the attention he wants but he will do this to multiple guys at the same time. He will shower you with attention and promises and tell you how perfect you are so that he can feel loved and wanted for the MOMENT. But there is no authenticity. He has no empathy. No remorse. He is a SOCIOPATH. He fits every character trait of sociopaths to a T. I hope you don’t get involved far enough to find out, but it will happen. HE CANNOT CHANGE, not for YOU, not for anybody.

He suffers from a form of borderline personality disorder – called impulsive personality disorder. His promises and words are no more than that. When he promises to change, he won’t. It’s a sickness.

STAY AWAY from this guy if you know what’s good for you!!!

If you are dating Walt Tollison, or are thinking about getting involved with him, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! Check out his past.

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