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Walter Dias, Orangevale, CA

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This man (boy), has a penchant for lying, manipulating, cheating and using people. He normally has five girlfriends at any one time and prowls dating websites all day long to acquire ever more.
He will promise you that he wants you to have his babies, then he’ll run around flaking on almost every single date he has with you in order to make his other dates with the hoards of other women he’s conning. He’ll play a sympathy card every time he flaked to go get pussy elsewhere that its “work”, “family” or he “fell asleep”. He’s on steroids and consistently has limp dick, so sex is a cringe worthy if not barf worthy endeavor, he secretly is a coke head, he fucks over everyone he knows, he promises to take care of you if you get knocked up (which he says is what he wants), but he really just bails on you if you do get pregnant. Then tells you to abort it. And if you do, he’ll shame you for doing what he told you to. He has zero remorse, empathy, care, concern, character, or humanity. He sees everyone as an expendable object to be used and discarded. As soon as he fucks you- he’s over it, bored and on to the next but he can’t stand to lose his narcissistic supply for ego boosting so he’ll string you along for a year or more. Consistently treating you like dog shit the sweeter and more selfless, giving or loving you are. He’ll ensure you feel like a worthless piece of shit for being kind, or understanding. So that the longer you’re with him, the lower your self esteem gets. While he’s fucking fifty other women, he’ll call you a whore for having had a boyfriend before him. He won’t let you talk to any of your friends, because even though he wants to ignore you and flake on you every night of the week (it makes him feel powerful to keep women waiting), he doesn’t want YOU to be able to talk to anyone else or have any semblance of a life outside of him. He wants a kept woman who he can torture. So if you “think” you’re in a serious relationship with this narcissist- you’re not- you’re merely a side bitch, another egoic feeding supply to replenish that empty hole he calls a soul.
Every single word out of his mouth is a blatant lie, and he really doesn’t care. He’ll swear he’s sorry, he’ll never ever do it again, to please give him another chance because he can’t stand to lose you, and then, he’ll hurt you horribly all over again, and then he’ll beg again, and hurt you again, on and on forever and ever until YOU finally decide that you’ve had enough. Because he’ll never get it through his thick skull that he’s hurting people.
It doesn’t matter to him. The only thing Walter cares about- is himself.
He will use whatever crazy making, manipulative, and highly immoral tactics he can to prop himself up and fuck you over.
He’ll do something obvious, right in front of you, then tell you he didn’t do it, and you’re overreacting over things you’re imagining. He’s. Dr Jekyll and mr Hyde. As SOON as you’re finally fed up with his games and lies, he’ll promise you everything you ever needed or wanted (all the bits and pieces he’s been accumulating for future use in order to reel you back in), then he’ll deliver a nightmare right when you think you’re safe again and he does care, and does want a future with you. Then he’ll get abusive again. When you call him out on it, he’ll either say sorry for show (and repeat the behavior) or he’ll pretend he never did anything wrong and you’re insane. He’s completely abusive, immoral, devoid of empathy (unless it concerns himself), and horribly selfish. He could kill someone and still blame the person he murdered for dying. He takes ZERO responsibility for any actions of his. Best of luck ladies. I wish I had steered clear after the first red flag, but unfortunately his charm and his lies made me reconsider and give him another chance, then I fell in love and it was much harder to extricate myself from his fucking con, scheme, liared up game.

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