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Waeel (WG) AlJohmani #waeljoh

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WG, Waeel, WaelJoh – liars and cheaters have many names. Originally from Syria, living in Denmark. Has two homes – one official in Odense, where he lives with his 55-year-old wife (he is 32) and one in Kerteminde, where he has a harem of poor women, who all believe his b******* ! He has been cheating on his wife since they met. Has more netdating profiles than there are rice plants in China, where he claims to be single. His little secret apartment is nicely decorated by one of the women, and you can find sexy underwear in the closet! After one week he will tell you, he loves you – and then he runs home to his poor wife and tells her the same. The cheater actually bought both her and a mistress the same ring ! While you are lying in his arms, he will write to other women. He will take you to the same cinema, the same restaurants – all hidden to make sure he will not bump into his wife or a friend. You will be a secret. You will have to sneak in at night, be locked in the bathroom and park your car far away. Why ? You are not the only secret ! According to his wife, he has hepatitis – be careful !!!

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