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Waeel AlJohmani / WG Aljohmani /Waeljoh

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The liar has many names. He is proforma married to a woman twice his age – but the poor woman thought it was love. He has been cheating on her since they met and has several children in Dubai, Philippines, Jordan and Denmark. He is active on every single netdatingsite, claiming he is single. He says he is a Muslim – he is HARAM! Is unfaithful, beats up and threatens his wife, calls the women he sleeps with “whores”, plays poker, steals, drinks alcohol and breaks Ramadan on purpose. He lives with his wife in Odense, but has an apartment where he lives his fake single life. Vollsmose is his favorite place to look for small girls – he likes the.lm very young. Stellini Kaffe where he works, is the place where he has sex after working hours with all the poor women who believe the liar. He owns my parents a lot of money that he wanted to pay back months ago. Will never happen. No matter what he tells you – don’t trust him. If you should have had sex with him – go to the doctor immediately ! He has hepatitis and who knows which sexual diseases.

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