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Wade A Scott, Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Wade A Scott is a crossdresser, he gave me STD. Wade A Scott is a 42 year old man. He is a Pimp and small time thief and drug dealer. He has put his poor mother “Rita Scott” threw hell. He has cheated on his poor wife of 13 years of married with some girl name Rachel Murley Rector from Chattanooga, Tennessee. He has been arrested for rape of 7 year old boy, he’s been arrested for receiving stolen property, Possession Marijuana, Purse Snatching, Peeping Tom, Solicitation of Prostitution, Domestic Violence, Exposing Himself, 80 times public intoxication, I mean list just go’s on and on with this guy. He does have good heart at some times. I was wasting my time on someone who really didn’t give a fuck about me. Things didn’t work out with us so I went back to my ex. He needs to become famous and let it be known. Basically was a cheater that beat me until my brother found out and gave him what he deserved. ladies beware

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