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Veronica Miktarian-Justus – San Diego, California

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Facebook profile Veronica Miktarian-Justus is my ex-wife and is currently living in a Sober House with other Women in San Diego, Ca. with Soledad House. She is very unstable, unpredictable, and an alcoholic/addict. I also feel and believe she suffers from a personality disorder and is evil. Her name was Veronica Miktarian-Clark before my divorce was final. During our marriage, if you could even call it that, she addmitted herself to the detox unit in the hospital. At this time she met another male patient and began an adulterous affair with him after being discharged. Her Instagram account is vj_usa5 and other social media sites as vgirl93. Her email is, and she is a total liar, cheater, abuser, user, and gaslighter. She would attend A.A. Meetings with this other guy she met in the hospital than have sex with him afterwards. Veronica Miktarian-Justus is totally unhealthy, toxic, and pure evil. She will intiatially charm you, play you, seduce you, and than act like she’s the victim. She destroyed the other guy she met in the hospital as she lived with him for 40 days after we seperated. She causes and creates total drama and breaks families apart. If you come across her on Facebook or the San Diego, Ca. area, run as fast as you can. She will completely destroy you and everyone around her. Steer clair of this demon.

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