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Veronica Albarran Vista, California

First Name : Veronica
Last Name : Albarran
Gender : F
Age : 40
City : Vista
State : CA
Country : US
Alias 1 : Veronica Fischetti

Look at this old ho & her granny panties thinking she’s cute LMAO! You are so old & pathetic. Quit stalking 20 year old girls who stole your man. You should be used to guys leaving u for other (younger, cuter) girls by now. You finally started to “get healthy” because you have nothing left. You are old, past your sell-by date, have no money, and your kids hate you. Only a matter of time before the younger ones run as far away from you as possible.
P.s. stop posting ugly pics of your fat rolls. Men will always leave you no matter what because you’re just bottom-shelf!

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