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Vanita Dalipram, University of the West Indies Graduate, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies

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Vanita Dalipram (or Vanita K. Dalipram) who is a University of the West Indies Open Scholarship Recipient and Graduate (with an honors degree in Petroleum Geoscience) is a truly appalling and unspeakably atrocious person. She was “exposed” for lack of a better term when naked or nude pictures of herself were posted on the internet by various accomplices without her express permission. I agree this is a crime but what makes this truly even more despicable is the fact that she tried to justify her actions of having nude or naked pictures in the first place that she did indeed send to someone which were posted some time later on the internet. She claimed in an article posted in one of Trinidad and Tobago’s local newspaper on June 21, 2016, page 3, the following words, “Before you attack the younger ones and say they have no right to have taken nude photos just remember that everyone experiments with sexuality during puberty and they did so in privacy and confidentiality”

Be that as it may the nauseatingly complete and utter ignorance of Vanita Dalipram indeed “shines forth” here in the previously quoted statement from a “so-called intelligent woman.” True there is experimentation in the early youthful stage of life but such does not have to include exposing oneself in the nude when one has seen time and time again others in the past reap the negative consequences of such actions. Did she not learn that such negative consequences would indeed befall her also if she had done such a thing? or did her brilliant and highly educated mind forget to include some sensible common sense with it?

The elitists in the Trinidad and Tobago society fully believe that they are consequence free because they are on top of the societal ladder because of the elitist cliques and circles that they are arrogantly and pridefully a part of. However negative consequences from wrong and stupid choices come to all. It is wrong for Vanita Dalipram to come now and justify herself and say that she should be excused and not blamed for the negative consequences she is now reaping for her photos being now shown on the internet when she clearly took them regardless as to whether it was done as she calls it: “standing in front of a mirror in the comfort and privacy of my own home out of self-admiration.” It sounds more like self-centered pride, vanity, narcissism, and self-centered conceit and for that Vanita Dalipram must not be allowed to wash away her stupidity which is highly deserving of being condemned. This goes to show that regardless as to who you are in society even if you are a scholarship winner and university graduate you should never get away with the wrong you have done and if those who are of the elitist’s crew are stained for life such as Vanita Dalipram then so be it and let it be so indeed.

Addendum: Vanita Dalipram/Vanita K. Dalipram also attended the Lakshmi Girls Hindu College which is located at #58 Eastern Main Road, St.Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. Also on her Facebook page she had this statement (which is put here in case she changes it) and I quote: “The most genuine person you’ll ever meet.” Really???? Well, I guess being genuine and having and taking naked pictures of yourself that gets posted later on the internet go hand in hand (I say this sarcastically of course). What a “genuine” hypocrite!!!!

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