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Ty Maxwell

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Ty Maxwell lives at 1043 Dale Rd in Beaverton Michigan. He is a narcissistic pathological liar that will involve himself in several relationships and live multiple lives. He will make up stories of work and family to be away for days and someone’s weeks at a time. He is an abuser on every level. Physical, mental and emotional. He feels he is entitled to do whatever he wants at any moment. Run… Run.. Run from this man. Your life will never be the same once you are in his web of deceit. He is sick in every aspect of the word. I have sacrificed years of my life to his lies and he still uses me like I’m nothing to him. Please… Don’t read this and think I’m vengeful. Please read this and believe he is toxic in every move he makes. If you have anything to offer, he will take it and suck your life of all joy… Be aware. This is true. Not to mention he sleeps with men as well… He has ruined my life with lies and deceit and robbed me of a future in a small town. He has beaten me within an inch of my life and gets away with it because of his wealthy family and reputation. If you see this and proceed with a relationship with him, remember me when he’s holding a gun to your head or choking you within an inch of your life while you beg to be free of him.

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