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Tristan Truth (Haak) Vancouver BC CANADA

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Attention Vancouver females watch out for this felon who prey and manipulate on asian insecure women in Vancouver. He is so desperate for pussy he even goes to craigslist to look for asian pussy. Also no respect for our asian culture or whatsoever . Knows nothing about culture and no interest all he wants is pussy and looks at women as pussy. He sent me response on craigslist that he likes eating pussy and fetish for asian women.

He’s so gross. Serial predator who only gets with older women to use them for his needs then damaged and financially drained . At first he pretends to be so affectionate and loving boyfriend but remember its all a game for manipulative scammer until his mental sickness strikes and he becomes abusive. So many women have been abused by him especial those of asian nationality. Be careful of this biggest scammer and drug dealer also going to jail soon. He used to sleep with my friend and used other nice girls but also tried to get with me on craigslist stay away.

You’ve been warned….

3 thoughts on “Tristan Truth (Haak) Vancouver BC CANADA

  1. First off you fuckin bitch, you don’t know me and you’ve never met me or know anything about me. I did reply to a craigslist post.. that you posted. You talked endlessly about how you wanted a stiff dick and to fuck anything that moves because your boyfriend cheated on you. Miya Lin, if that is your real name (which I doubt) because you talked to me on fb with a fake account, I don’t know which friens you’re talking about but I always treat the women I connect with with respect and affection. Financially damaged? Fuck you bitch. I work hard for everything I have you slanderous cunt. Why you would go to this length to do this to someone you’ve never met or know of is fucked up.

    Who doesn’t love Asian women? Why’s it wrong to goto craigslist personals? I treated you with nothing but kindest while you were lying to me on fb ffs the whole time. The only trailer trash two faced bitxh here is you. What scams? What drug dealing? Who the fuck are you? Can’t even post your real name you cunt.

  2. Whoever this is, you’re fucked in the head. I messaged a craigslist personal and talked to a “Miya Young” for 3 days. In those 3 days you went on and on about how you’re always wet, horny and want to fuck everything and everyone because your boyfriend cheated on you. You used a fake account name, and I got an email from saying I got posted here. I’m a scammer? You don’t even know me, and i’ve never met you you fuckin’ cunt. Slandering me online for what? You don’t know me or anyone else I know. This is an unbelievable level of stupidity and bullshit. I was nothing but kind to you yet you’re posting straight bullshit on this fuckin’ site? You’re fucked in the head.

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