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Trent Renfroe Dothan, Alabama

First Name : Trent
Last Name : Renfroe
Gender : M
Age : 40
City : Dothan
State : AL
Country : US
Phone : (334)239-5162
Alias 1 : Trinity Renfroe

This guy is a sexual predator that preys on emotionally vulnerable people, especially if they are going through a divorce or a bad relationship–it is like he has radar for it.

He is a serial cheater. He cheated on his first wife constantly and then accused her of his own crimes to get people to feel sorry for him–at her expense.

He cheated on girlfriends, destroyed marriages, blamed his relationship failures on the other person when they finally say enough is enough, strings other women quietly along making them believe they have a relationship, then brutally discards them. He emotionally traumatizes his victims then acts like the hurt party.

He is fixated on gaining status, praise, and adoration.

He carefully grooms his public image, wears religious shirts, talks about G*d, will say he’s praying for people, etc. He acts concerned for others, and displays false humility. This is all part of his image as a wholesome person, and it works on most people.

He is incredibly charming, sounds genuine and sincere, but is a pathological liar. He mixes fact and fiction well, and phrases things to let his listener(s) jump to intended conclusions.

He accuses any of his hidden side victims, who speak up about what his nature really is, as being crazy/psycho to explain them away. He has destroyed reputations by doing this while preserving his own shady character. He is secretly controlling and has a raging temper like a little child when things don’t go his way. He will pout and can cry on demand as a means to emotionally manipulate women.

He has even been known, on rare occasion, to blow up at clients in his farrier business, then has an oh s**t moment and tries to repair the damage to his image. Clients who criticize his work will be discarded, as well. He does not like people who he views as lesser than himself saying anything critical. He cannot handle it.

He always has a way to explain away people, be it a sexual victim or a client who has crossed his ego and he no longer works for.

If you get involved with him and he doesn’t want to make it socially known, you are one of his many side women who don’t make the status cut. He will waste your precious time and put you through the wringer as he squeezes every last drop of your worth to sustain his ego. If he publicly displays you, it’s because it gains him some kind of status or praise. He does not really love you, he loves what you do for him. It is likely he gets a sense of power from being able to get away with playing puppet master. He does time and time again.

Teflon Trent…he slides right out of his own messes and the other party is the one who gets injured.

If you are one of his female clients, and/or he swoops in and white knights you…stay away. He will mirror you, and magically, you two are amazingly similar. He will make you feel like the most important person when he’s with you.

Be warned: He has no conscience beneath that charm and wooing and pretty words and gift giving.

He can get people to do things they normally won’t do, against their beliefs.

It’s been rumored that he’s bisexual, so perhaps men need to be on guard, as well.

Let it be known that he does shady c**p to his “friends” if he thinks he can get away with it. He is an opportunist, and he truly does not care about what he does to anyone or how it will effect them. He is very good at playing the nice guy part, and is the type of person who will make you think he’s your friend while he’s stabbing you in the back. You won’t realize it until it’s too late.

He is very appealing, but stay away from him. He is rotten at his core.

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