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Travis Boser, Minot, North Dakota

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Travis Boser is a cheater. Whether he followed through or not, I don’t know. But I definitely had my suspicions b/c right after we started dating he started with the whole “I love you” statements. Which I found awkward and strange. So was moving in without really asking. So one night, I got on my computer and he had left his FB open. Well, here’s his open FB on My computer,,, have to take a quick look. Sure enough in the five short months we’ve been together, he’s asked 4-5 girls out. Worst of all, when confronted with it in verbatim, he still denies it. There must be something far wrong

2 thoughts on “Travis Boser, Minot, North Dakota

  1. Travis is not a cheater. He made a bad choice with this crackhead woman who can’t take care of her kids. I’ve known Travis for 12 years. He’s a good person and this crazy chic needs to go to rehab and get some serious help. For her kids sake.

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