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Tracy Newman Weatherford ,Wesley Chapel, Fl

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Do not go anywhere near this woman. She dates polyamorous men and she has frequent gang bangs at a place called, “Eyes Wide Shut” in Brandon, Fl. Ask anyone in town, because we have all seen her in there. She works for a bank called Wells Fargo and this person will cheat on you, lie to you and more than likely give you something if you sleep with her because she doesnt use condoms. I saw her on one of these sites before and didnt care much, but I wish I had…..Stay far away from Tracy Newman Weatherford. She lives in Wesley Chapel and frequents dating sites like POF, AFF, and OK Cupid to find her sex toys……She is gross!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Tracy Newman Weatherford ,Wesley Chapel, Fl

  1. I know who posted these lies about you, Tracy. Her name is Robyn. She’s done it to several other people too, and she thinks she will get away with it. We should all go to and leave reviews for her, and we should watch her any chance we get, in case there is anything we may need to report to CPS.

  2. Unfortunately, I had the dubious honor of seeing this person not too long ago. I dont want to say much, but Tracy only complained about these sites about her because of her daughter and her job at Wells Fargo. The above mentioned describing Tracy is all true and any man on these sites who have invited her over to his home knows. Call it a lie all you want, but i have proof. This person Tracy is very very very bad news and thank you Ms Skandor for posting the truth and warning all men of her escapades.

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