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Tracy Gaither Conway, laurel, Maryland USA

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Tracy Conway (formerly; Gaither) in Maryland:
This home wrecker, Tracy Gaither Conway, of Laurel, Maryland is responsible for wrecking three homes in a span of 9 years at the local police department, Laurel, Maryland. Tracy befriended all the married men she worked with, while her husband also worked part time with these officers. Tracy was married always complaining she was lonely and needed someone to talk to because her husband traveled a lot. Her husband also worked part time with of the men she screwed at the same place of business. Tracy likes to play the damsel in distress. I thought she was a nice person. Tracy was sleeping with my x- husband (now), and 3 other police officers at the same time and then she moved on to yet another man in the same building that was an administrator. My husband finally told me after he was caught with naked pictures of Tracy on his phone she texts to him. Her husband, a good man finally left her after being told what she was doing by a good friend of mine who also told me about her. My X Husband moved on to another agency and so did one of the other married men. She finally was caught with the 4th married man after the wife of the 3rd married found out and told the Mayor of the city of Laurel. She started screwing her new boss within 3 weeks of him becoming her boss. She was fired finally because she could not keep her legs shut at work, yes at work. Having sex in the work place after being warned to stop spreading her legs at work…they finally fired her. Anybody be warned of this pathetic female if she works with your husband keep a sharp eye. Only desperate woman who have no self-respect and are unable to land a single man go after a married man. She’s not above sending nude pics and videos of her pleasuring herself to a man. It was the most hideous disgusting thing I ever seen. But these are the tactics Tracy used to plead with the many men to just come over for sex. My friend said that her husband could call Tracy anytime and she would make a plan so her son would go or stay somewhere no matter time of day just to get laid, or they would go somewhere in the police station and she would give oral sex, or drive to her house. He could do whatever he wanted however he wanted anytime he wanted and never had to really work for it. No lunches, dinners, or anything outside of sex at her place or at work, ever. He even said he would blow her off for days sometimes weeks but she would still spread those legs the moment he did call her. I think it’s about time she’s exposed for the cheap whore that she is. She’s currently looking for a job. If you find her working with your significant other, be warned. She has NO SELF RESPECT and will have sex with anyone. She throws herself at men in an aggressive way to het sex, it’s all she knows. It’s the only way she can get attention as you can tell by the pictures she does not take care of herself and is very much overweight, unsanitary, inside and out. A common alley cat has more scruples & dignity than this hoe does.

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