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He is a man who uses middle aged women for the money and almost a young woman whose desperation for him to be her bf would’ve cost her a lot of money. Me he took me for over $1K which he says he will pay back but I know he won’t. He brought the police over to get his computer which I was holding as collateral for the money he owed me, I showed them texts that clearly said that I bought it since I was keeping it until he paid me back for the money he owed, they said they would arrest ME for theft and when I pulled at it trying to stop him, they asked him if he wanted to press charges against me! I had lent him over 1K and he was paying me back extremely slowly. He then told me that this woman Jennifer who he was using for sex (I was giving him free rent in exchange for work which he ended not doing) was going to offer him 15K to father her child and if I gave it that much he would stop seeing her and go traveling with me etc. He didn’t care if he ever saw her again. I considered it but all my friends, told me I was stupid since I already lent him money and he was emotionally abusive, he was a pathological liar and would say things were there when they weren’t and made me paranoid when he said that I (along with two middle aged women Stephanie in Tujunga and Amy aka Jabba the Hut of Culver City, Valley Glen and now Artesia) were in a study where EVERY word and email we sent was being recorded. I put up with him and put up and then it came to a head. Jennifer offered him $15K to father her child (he had broken up with her previously, saying he was “bored sexually” but it turns out that she wanted him to father her child) and he wanted the money, if I offered him the same amount he would stop seeing her. I was so enamored of him, I seriously considered it, but I had conditions that I wanted to hear the breakup over the phone or see the text as I had recently loaned him some money and he lied and still saw her although he got the money as he promised he wouldn’t. He said she meant nothing to him and he could walk away or if he fathered the child, he would only stay until he got her pregnant. He got very angry when I said I didn’t want to do it and that’s when he decided to leave and take his computer without paying me (he did borrow money from another person to buy another computer instead of paying me!)

Jennifer doesn’t really want a child, she wants a boyfriend and it’s terrible that as he says she’s young, 22, beautiful, thin (see photo) rich (she’s lives off a trust fund, never had a job in her life), me I am in my sixties, so it’s understandable, that I would pay him but her? He is as disdainful of her (he calls her slutty as is proud, that this woman whose first boyfriend broke up with her because she wouldn’t have sex with him will have sex with him knowing that she won’t be a “girlfriend’ and proud that he “deflowered” her, coming from a poor family he mocks her as a “spoiled rich girl” but he’s disdainful of all the women help him, me the most, maybe becuz he took advantage of me the most, living there the longest and borrowing the most money, Stephanie, the stewardess, calling her the hoarder and the crazy cat lady and Jabba, the nurse, who moves because she is afraid of black mold. He decided against fathering the child and not taking the money for that but he said he will stay with her as long as she suits her needs, she is I think because of the offer very much in love with her but he not with her. Most of his gfs, he didn’t really care about them, they were just convenient and easy to have sex with, the only one he loved was a Chinese pharmacist and maybe because she wasn’t”slutty” he loved her becuz he respected her which he says he doesn’t with Jennifer. He didn’t have the fondness for me as he did for her but after he had sex with her, he had it with me, becuz he didn’t have to use a condom. He also used sex with Jenifer to “punish” me, although I OWNED the property which had airbnb for some reason, if I EVER interacted with them he would have sex with Jennifer, if I was a woman I wouldn’t like a guy who had sex with me for punishing another woman.

He always claims that they are NOT lovers or have a romance, it’s just friends with benefits, she does not know that he has left all his gfs when they want more, like marriage, even the one he was in love with, and according to HIS words, he thinks she’s too superficial, shallow and spoiled by her family to EVER be in love with her though he does care for her, but she is to be used as a place to live, maybe if he needs to borrow money and anything to serve HIS interest. If anyone knows this woman, she is in college, a psychology major, ironically, probably going to either Cal State Dominguez Hills or Long Beach as she lives in Torrance, at 22 she’s probably not in a junior college, thin 5″6″, please warn her. She loves desperately enough to pay him to stay but he won’t and he cheats, he cheated on her with me and he didn’t even like me (I didn’t know that he was having intercourse with her) blow jobs I had accepted. Early when I knew him in the beginning, he said that he would be faithful to me if I gave him bj’s that’s how little he thought of her. Look at her photo and warn her, she may choose to still stay with him but at least she would know.

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