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Tony Steven Davis Martinsville, VA USA

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Tony Davis is 110 lbs of lies, stds, and unnecessary cockiness. He tells all of his female clients he is single, “on a break”, or “I do what I want”. My personal favorite is his sob story about his girlfriend beats him, and uses him for money. His equally stupid girlfriend, Amanda, deals with it because she is 225 lbs of unnecessary cockiness also and despite her failing health due to his STDs, she stays with him because he is a tattoo artist in a small town and he makes a lot of money, and brags about it, and both of them stage robberies to get even more money out of people because that is all they care about. He brags about having $20,000 on his BODY at all times and the girls flock to him! He always makes himself out to be a victim, sober, social justice warrior, and feminist, but that is FAR from the truth!!! Don’t fall for him ladies. He runs through female apprentices because he will screw them, get bored with them, then paint them out to be “crazy obsessive” when that is far from the truth. He tells everyone he cheats on his girlfriend with that he wants a relationship with THEM, but then he moves onto a new girl before he finishes his old ones. He frequents strip clubs in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Roanoke and is always vulgar and inappropriate with all the ladies there, and pays for blowjobs during private dances. Oh and his teeth are SEVERELY jacked!!!!

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