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Tony Brea

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Tony Brea is a drug user, virus spreader (ask him about the sores he gets in & around his genitals, groin area, & buttocks ), liar, cheater, coward, & user with NO regard for who he infects or hurts. He’s solicited ( & offered to pay) at least one of his former lovers asking her if she’d get him prescription painkillers & xanax (xanibar) from her doctor so that he could sell the pills for money for him.. Tony has stated that he’s a former gang member from Miami/ Carol City area, but that he keeps in touch with his leader. But he’s a proven coward who hides women. He does have arrest records in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, & Palm Beach County. He is known to reside in Royal Palm Beach, Lake Worth, and currently the West Palm Beach & Loxahatchee area. He is currently employed by an aquatic vegetation control company based in Riviera Beach & Martin County Florida (FYI- that company has been warned of his use since he drives one of their trucks). That virus he spreads well he got that after getting with Brittany C Park ( (aka LilBritt) also of the Loxahatchee and West Palm Beach area). Condoms will not protect you when they can’t cover the infected area. Tony has stated he thinks sexually transmitted diseases a joke, and who cares about stds & if someone does drugs. This is to warn those who don’t know Tony Brea and/or those who don’t know what he’s really like and capable of. Please protect yourself at all costs from Tony Brea and from Brittany Park.

You can find him on facebook (add the https://)
You can find Brittany Park on facebook (add the https://)

41 thoughts on “Tony Brea

  1. Interesting that this site has advertisements for name removal & reputation fixing businesses…Entrapment??? FYI – If a statement is true & can be proven (proof can be phone records, text records, pictures & film, etc..) regardless of how unpleasant the statement is then it is not defamation…DON’T LIE, DON’T CHEAT, AND DO NOT SPREAD DISEASES!!!

    1. Funny thing is he knew he was going to be exposed on these liar cheater sites. He’nothing but a pathetic coward
      He lied to, cheated on, and used the wrong woman!

  2. Agreed and while I don’t think that’s right to hurt or betray or cheat on a person, I still believe he’s single now so all of this may have done the trick. I’ll try to back track the link that was posted and get it on here. Plus his girl or former girl may have had no knowledge of his past and now that she does she left him. He shouldn’t have hurt anyone but the point may be made to both of them now and she sees how he really is. I’ll post it once I find it. I’m sorry to whoever was affected by hurt and betrayal I just wanted to point out the couple may not even be a couple at this point in time and the girl and future girls may see the real truth.

  3. Brittany Park knew, she was personally warned before any of these recent posts about Tony appeared, someone else posted him on liar cheater sites earlier in the year, he showed them to me, that’s how I found out about these sites. And I must say Thank you for that Tony! As for Brittany Park, he got sick after getting with her, he then infected me (making me very sick). She never acknowledged or responded when she was shown the truth about Tony (his own text msgs) & the fact that she kept their photos together posted all over Facebook, said it all! A normal woman wouldve taken them down. She knew the truth & didn’t care until she got exposed right along side that lying coward. Then she decided to respond, like a coward, calls me (Tony gave her my #) from a blocked # to try to give me sh*t! I wonder does she ever stop to think how devastating it is to have a man, you’ve been with for sometime that you trust & love betray you & seriously jeopardize your health? All I can say now is take it up with Tony Brea because he was warned that he would be exposed (and her in the process). He knows I don’t play. Yet he did & has done nothing.

    1. Understood but now I’m confused because apparently the couple has only even know eachother for about a month. He was with someone else a decent amount of time before he even met Brittany is what I heard and seen. I am sorry you were hurt but in the end you can move forward and get something better. He’s the one that has to deal with the loss and the fact of hurting people. A lot of this online stuff however just gives people more attention and people crave attention you know. It’s only makinr then famous and you have a lot more going for you then to waste spotlight on him and her. Be a bigger person, but you have a good point about what you said and again I am very sorry you wer hurt. But do research that because I know mutual friends of Tony’s and apparently she’s a brand new fling. Or Was atleast I don’t think they are together now sorry for intruding just trying to help take from someone who has been in the “hurt boat”

  4. It’s confirmed, they are not together and yes they have only known eachother a short time. Tony was dating somebody else prior to Brittany and they had just started talking. I actually know both of them, not personally but this is true. This site was brought to my attention and I wanted to clarify. But I am sorry to whoever was hurt and most of all my intent for writing this is I understand completely how you feel believe it or not. I pray that you find someone who will give you the world. Be above this.

    1. Lauren, those pictures of 2 of them Brittany posted on Facebook she was sitting in his lap with their arms around each other! And also Tony had made comments to me when we were last together that at the time seemed out of place/ odd but in hindsight they make perfect sense now. Plus I’ve been with Tony on & off for almost 2 yrs, I know how he easy it is for him to look someone in the eyes and lie, especially women he claims to love or care about. I was stupid fool to think he’d learned from the last time, that he had changed for the better. He’s nothing but a liar, coward, and user. As for being above, above what? Exposing people who lie & use others & endanger people’s health? Tony knew this was coming, I texted him that I would post this allover those sites he himself had showed me, and Brittany saw that, I know because she left a pitiful tirade on my voicemail after getting my # from Tony. So again above what? Warning others?

  5. Tony has been f**king around with Brittany longer than a month. I do appreciate you taking time to communicate with me. If he thinks I’m done, I’ve only just begun. But thank you again Dan for being understanding

    1. have you tried calling tony? Maybe it something you guys can just work out, exposing someone just gives them more drive for attention as I said. It’s better to be direct with someone ( take it from someone who was in your shoes and failed miserably at hurting the other) I’m sorry again for butting in in just really passionate about these topics and trying to help people through their situations

        1. I’m not Andrea, but she knows who I am because when I caught him lying to me I showed her the truth about Tony. She deserved to know the truth about the him. I know once a liar & cheater always a liar & cheater. That’s why I state he should know better than to test me.

          1. Gotcha. Well if you warned Andrea maybe you should warn the other girl. Personally warn her because a lot of people won’t act well to non verbal communication. Maybe if you do that she will understand and you will feel better too she probably just doesn’t know what’s going on and the truth. You could save another woman from being hurt you know. Anyway it’s not my business I just have a lot of experience with this stuff and want to help best I can

    1. No me either in fact my social media is never in effect really lol but I do have mutual friends with him and I can attest to what I posted. I wish there were a way I could do something to help

    1. I know him through mutual friends and Brittany lived out by me at one point. That’s why I’m surprised to read she infected him because i do know of her and she’s sadly pretty innocent. That’s why I’m thinking maybe you should just personally warn her she may not know the situation. But I don’t know either of them on a personal level just associate with similar folks

      1. I don’t know much about him other than he used to date an Andrea and all the people I know that talk to him say he’s a chill guy. Again I don’t know much personally but when I saw all this I was just alittl puzzled

        1. But it may not do any good as rumor is they aren’t together but I will find out for you for sure. I’ll have to do some digging. If it comes to be they are together would you make an attempt to speak with her personally?

      2. She knows I messaged her copies of his sent messages to me, and no she’s not at all innocent. She replied to a post on another site that exposed her. BTW attached is one of the many messages I have from Tony. I told her too just ask him for his SIM card to his phone.

        1. ok understood. did she reply after you reached out to her? doing things via email and phone is tricky and people dont always take others seriously. maybe in person would work thats what i ended up doimg

  6. There’s nothing to help darlin’ but thanks for the sentiment. As for talking to Tony he stopped talking when I went off on him when he tried to get me to stay while he “talked” (his word) with her. There is nothing he could say, he lies to & uses people.

    1. Well maybe personally talking to his girl (or former girl whatever the situation is) will put light on things she may not fully be aware of what he’s like you know. But as for you and tony, if it is true love; it will work for you guys

      1. I know my words probably aren’t the best but I’ve been in a very very similar boat and I’m just sharing what I did which ended up working in the long run

  7. No. Tony and Brittany more than had their chance. If you do see her remind her that it’s against the law in the state of Florida to infect someone with a sexually transmitted disease (including genital herpres) state statute 384.24 Unlawful Acts

    1. so whats the next step? and no i wont be reminding her i would rather stay away but my advice to you would be to really just have a deep talk with her none of this internet stuff i promise you will feel better and regardless of the outcome you stood for your own and women everywhere

  8. Thanks for your time Dan. I do appreciate your time & consideration. But like I stated I’m not backing off, not because I want Tony back (he lied to me, betrayed me & he’s infected), I’m not backing off because he needs to be exposed so others don’t get hurt or infected by him or by Brittany and it’s what he’s got coming to him.

  9. One of their friends (or one of them using a fake name and account) sent me a threat on Facebook. Tara Udell (Palm Beach International Airport) appears to be a bogus account.

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