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Tomone Tanaka Philadelpia, Pennsylvania

First Name : Tomone
Last Name : Tanaka
Gender : F
Age : 29
City : Philadelpia
State : PA
Country : US
Phone : (215)789-2805

This immature Japanese b***h is looking for her target to manipulate easily. She wants to sleep with older guys for her benefits and loves to ruin others life gradualy like a game. She likes her men married and doesn’t care about their wives and kids she said. This parasite is a (D…i..e) consultant living in Rittenhouse Sq , Philly. If somebody has a thing for asians, she’ll use skanky Japanese stuff and vulger jokes to seduce them. Guys from work or around town MMA/BJJ at Osagame no one is off limits.

More stuff
From Yokohama, Japan
Went to McGill University
Talks about s*x, hooking up, dirty Japanese animation and comics, asian food, mixed martial arts, Thai, French

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