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Timothy Shalhhob Las Vegas, Nevada

First Name : Timothy
Last Name : Shalhhob
Gender : M
Age : 65
City : Las Vegas
State : NV
Country : US
Website 1 : click to view website

Team Members who are getting Laid Off, Terminated, Discontinued, Resigned with/without Giving 14 Days’ Notice, and End of Contract are added to a “Dreaded Employment Blacklist” maintained by the MGM Resorts International Corporation’s Security and Background Investigations Department. This list of Employment Blacklist Database is maintained by an MGM Corporate Security Guard and a Sr Investigator named Timothy Shalhoob (Tim). Tim Shalhoob is sharing this Employment Blacklist Database with other Las Vegas C-sino Security Department Personnel to prevent former MGM Team members joining other c-sino companies. MGM Resorts International Corp., Legal Department Vice President General Counsel Mr. John McManus, and his staff of Corporate attorneys are aware, but they are encouraging to disregard Nevada Revised Statute NRS 613.210. MGM Resorts International Corporation is in Violation of “NRS 613.210 Blacklist Unlawful.”

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