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Timothy Raymond Boyd

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Also known as Timothy Legend, or 13thGunslinger. This guy is not only a liar, but a coward to boot. Even when being confronted with the truth, he still continues to lie and manipulate your emotions so he can continue to get what he wants. He lies about being separated from his “crazy” wife and uses sob stories about his life to gain sympathy, all of which are probably untrue. He will tell you he loves you and that you’re his soul mate, and two days before you go out of town, he will come up with some bullshit excuse about being blackmailed and you just can’t be together because he suddenly had enough money to move to a whole other state with his “family”. You’re a dog Tim and I hope your wife finds out how you really are and takes every dollar that you have.

2 thoughts on “Timothy Raymond Boyd

  1. His wife is aware as well as his work, his family, the community… basically everyone. BTW when you are cheating, and doing it at work please keep in mind that you will also be in just as much trouble. Also thank you to ruining the children’s lives as well by posting this on a public website for them to find and their friends to find and make fun of them and the family. The kicker is the author does not have to admit to any wrong doing and if they thought they were truly an ex then they would have posted their name. Not only is the person that wrote this as well a cheater and claims to not know, but has also ruined the lives of innocent children in the process. Through further investigations, it has been discovered that she is not the only person. On top of that the person that posted this has also been discovered to be a chronic cheater with married men. Remember regardless of how it goes down, cheating is cheating. You both will punished in the end.

  2. Wow it’s okay to post things originally and destroy the children’s lives that find it but the rest the whole truth will not be published because it has to be approved. Maybe someone should get a picture and post it of the girl so everyone knows who it is.

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