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Tiarra A Hawkins

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This girl is the definition of a human mattress. Her “specialty” is going after taken or married men. She knows that they are in a relationship and doesn’t care, she bashes the girlfriend or wife, talks the men into meeting up with her and in the end gets upset when the guy wants nothing to do with her nasty fake ass. (Do you see the trashy fake eyelashes?) Tiarra will fu*k anything that has a d*ck. This skank loves doing anal in public then being pissed on. Yes, that is correct she gets off when men pee all over her. Has zero respect for anyone but herself and in the end she’s just a filithy horribly unattractive person who is looking for validation by trying to get men that are taken to choose her. Who could ever love this appalling pathetic excuse for a human being?

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