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Thomas “TJ” Griffin, Newark, NJ

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I was hesitant about posting this but I don’t want any other women to fall for his games. This guy is not a good person who treats women and their emotions like they are disposable. He chases after women on POF and Tinder, meanwhile he has a live-in stalker “girlfriend” at home. At first you think you’re talking to a great guy who sees a future with you (his words not mine), then as his situation becomes apparent things get weird. This guy lied about his situation, said his ex was crazy and couldn’t let go of him but he won’t kick her out because he doesn’t want to be mean. He tells you to trust him and have patience with his situation but its all a lie. Eventually his ex will end up stalking you on social media and finding a way to contact you. He is the type of guy who knows how to say the right thing but everything he says is a complete and total lie. Do not trust him and don’t get involved in his crazy life. He doesn’t have an honest bone in his body. I actually feel sorry for his ex because she thinks that this is the way a man who cares about a woman treats her but she’s still in her early 20s and pretty immature (again, his words not mine) so she will learn the hard way.

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