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Theresa Hucke Hartland , Wisconsin

First Name : Theresa
Last Name : Hucke
Gender : F
Age : 44
City : Hartland
State : WI
Country : US
Alias 1 : Theresa Hauenstein
Alias 2 : Theresa Klein
Alias 3 : Theresa Hauenstein Hucke

Theresa Hucke Is a piece of trailer trash. This obnoxious s**t is on the prowl looking for a husband number three! Entitled whiny s***k who thinks she’s actually hot. Sad desperate w***e that no man wants. Not aging well. Hangs out at Boomers, Endter’s or Curly’s with her crackle of chickens searching for her next victim. She works as a maid cleaning homes. Gold digging dumbo who sucks in the sack. F****d two guys I know. Follow her on Twitter @Sawgrass17. I’d like to put her number up here but guess that’s super mean. Even though she deserves it.

Crazy psycho who needs to be put in her place.

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