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Theresa Hauenstein Hucke Hartland, Wisconsin

First Name : Theresa
Last Name : Hauenstein Hucke
Gender : F
Age : 45
City : Hartland
State : WI
Country : US
Alias 1 : Theresa Hucke
Alias 2 : Theresa Klein
Alias 3 : Theresa Hauenstein Hucke
Website 1 : click to view website

Met this skanky loud mouthed bitch at a bar. Took her drunk ass home and pounded her hard. Later found out she’s screwed around with several of my friends and acquaintances around the Lake Country area. She’s rude, demanding, manipulative, a liar and stupid. She tried to get me to buy her all sorts of shit and even pay her bills. Wanted to go me to fund a trip to Mexico for her. Meanwhile she’s working like 6 other guys. Talks nonstop about her ex husband who I feel sorry for putting up with her bullshit and fat ass for so long. Claims she owns a business when she’s broke and charging up debt. Looks 54 not 45. Horrible mother as she drinks and parties nonstop. Kids are gonna be fucked up. Pussy smells like ass and tried to get me to eat it which I refused after I found out how much cock has been in it the past year or two. Stupid ho who hangs out with high school losers and whines all the time. Needs to get a reality check and grow the fuck up. Thinks it’s cool to go around hanging all over married men and throwing back 12 packs of beer while watching football like a fucking dude. Act like a lady for once you obnoxious ugly troll. Sends me constant texts bitching me out. Theresa Hauenstein Hucke or Theresa Klein as two men divorced this crazy bitch is a psycho whore. Has a reputation all over Hartland as having a loose hole and wanting to suck men for favors like free dinner or drinks or vacations. What a slut.

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