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Terri Duffack Omaha 11-08-1960 402-630-1154

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Talk about a whore who lost it all after being divorced for getting pregnant by her physical therapist and having an abortion to attempt to cover up the affair by committing murder of a fetus. Here are her real action ships in the last five years:


She she will lie and lie about men and cheat and think nothing of it. She had to file bankruptcy and now is done to escorting, Mike is her pimp placing adds on backpage for her. They are a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Both have DUI’s in the last year. Both have HPV and Herpes, highly rumored to also have HIV. They live in Greenbriar Apartments in Council Bluffs but use a PO Box for mail in Rahlston. She aggressively works the Keno places for clients as he gets drunk at the bar. He is a convicted child molester and sells cars at Corwin Toyota off Fort Crooke Road. Was fired as a sales manager at Edwards Hyundia and fried as a salesman at Village Poine Toyota. Here is her work history.

Bellevue Toyota (worked fir her father the owner) who would not tell her he sold the dealership till the day it happened. She called him every name in the book and was pissed she only got paid 15.00 an hour and no money when it sold. Was highly mad her brother got money but laughed it would have been more if he did sell back to there dad his part of ownership a few years before the actual sale. She only cares about herself and could careless about family. Dad was nice enough to have her job and pay guaranteed for a year from the date of sale even after she oxtorted over 1850 from the dealership account and stole her ex boyfriends credit card to pay it off before he caught it. What happened after the sale?

Corwin Toyota (bought her dads dealership one year guarantee same pay 15.00 an hour).fired after six months for being late, constant fights with a big two colored hair biker bitch manager, and causing problems with employees.

Village Pointe Toyota commissioned sales, terminated with two months for sleeping with salesmen and calling a black salesmen the N word and a married female quality sales lady married to a chiropractor a whore. Both her and the salesmen she was fucking to get sales for helping her were terminated on the spot. Mike Hansen.. remember old sales manager Edwards Hyundia?

Edwards Hyundia Council Bluffs Iowa terminated within three months for sex again with another employee, constantly late, poor work ethic and causing internal issues with employees. Fought for unemployment but was denied in the hearing and left with nothing.

Oriental Trading Company Part Time 10.19 an hour, terminated within three weeks for several sexual relationships for money in the company parking lot. Upon terminationan on live Escort Resume was discovered when she threatened a law suit, she walked away with nothing.

Do not hire this lady. Her boyfriend is really her pimp and is a convicted child molester and very Out of control alcoholic, he pimps her out on bavkpage and Craigslist. She has serious sexually transmitted diseases and has a law suit and felony charges coming for stealing credit cards and knowingly giving sexually transmitted diseases to unsuspecting clients. Stay away from the two and do not hire her. Her resume is fake. Call above companies and verify she worked at all those places in just the last six months. Not worth her causing your company all the drama or dropping a law suit on you.

Terri Lynn Duffack 1400 Franklin Ave apt 138 DOB 11-08-1960. Phone number 402-630-1154

Mike Hansen 1400 Franklin Ave apt 138 DOB 5-6-1968 Phone number 360-480-5649

Warning Warning Warning Stay Away Warning Warning Stay Away

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