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Tefen McGuinty

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His real name is Catlin Blair McGuinty alias Tefen McGuinty age 31 August 14 lives in London, Ontario.
He is 6’2″ blue eyes skinny.
Okay so first off he is extremely violent! Kicked me multiple times when I was pregnant with his kid for going for coffee with a male friend.
Strangled me multiple times.
Stole several thousands dollars from me because he had no job and smokes pot chronically. He has not worked in seven years.
Prevented me for using birth control pills caused unwanted pregnancy. Refused to allow me to adopt child out.
Stalker, has been thrown out of my Drs office for spying on me to see my social worker.
Would not let me leave him due to violence.
Cursed me out for several hours for getting a phone I pay for. This was eye witnessed by a close friend.
Refused me medical treatment
Threatened to take my life.
911 is automatically dispatched to his house due to high threat of me losing my life.
Claims to be a Christian and goes to Westmount Baptist Church. The youth group leader at Westmount Presbyterian Church took me to a battered women’s shelter which the secretary can confirm if she still works there.
CAS was involved due to violence.
His ex wife said he raped her my social worker said he essentially raped me.
Attempted to make money by selling us over internet to make money.
Sells prescription drugs on the side.
Manipulates women in vulnerable positions to make them stay.

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