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Taylor Fox, Killeen, Texas

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This whore is a real prize…Taylor Fox is a compulsive liar. she cant tell a story straight if she had to. She cannot and will not hold a job, and her main goal is to find someone to sucker to pay her bills while she lays around on her ass and does nothing,. She will not cook, clean house , or do any other domestic duties. You don’t EVEN want to think about doing her… no joke, the WORST piece I have ever had.! Also, I had to declared bankruptcy twice, because of her. She has been disowned by her family, being parents, why? Probably because she got knocked up by a married guy right after high school. She will tell stories of how she was mentally abused as a child, but the truth is, she is the one that did the abusing. She lost a daughter 13 years ago with children services. If you meet up with her on FaceBook, or Match. com., run guys, run now. she will bleed you dry. Ours was her third marriage, and hopefully the last for her. She does whatever she wants regardless of your feelings. The whole time during our relationship was in contact with her ex. Why go thru the drama of saying I love you, let get married and have a baby if you’re thinking of your ex. She cheated with many men while living with me, unfortunately got me to sign for loans for her and left me hanging with the payments. When she left she stole what she could and still to this day uses my phone number and address for credit cards and ect that she never pays those bills. She is a fraud and a user. The most important thing to her is being online in social games and looking for her next man she can get what she can from. Thanks to what she is doing I am on the verge of losing my home I have owned for 20 years and the last she said to me about these loan payments was they are my problem not hers even though she owes them but to try and keep my credit I am forced to pay them since she ISN’T. I should have listen to her father when he told me she always has other guys on the side and she sleeps around to get what she wants. She uses sex to get guys to buy things for her.

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