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Tatjana Miko, Tatjana Roland, mstatjana, mstatjana, 67doors67, 67mstatjana67, Tyler tx,marble falls TX, winter park fla, atwood ks, Denver Colorado, Colorado Springs Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, California United states, Hungary and Germany

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I feel that this borderline gypsy is dangerous, she’ll fuck your neighbors, cousins Facebook friends and boss, she is a master manipulator…. she’s always a victim…. she lies cheats and steals… she stole her ex birth certificate, titles to his boat and jetskis… when I found him he said she also stole all of his furniture… she argues about everything and anything… she hates men, she’s sloppy lazy dirty tree hugging gypsywitch that can’t keep a job… gets furred or quits… she will post a fake gofundme page while age fucks you…. she friends on fb abdomen guess through ask of your shit… she’s also had the oddest profession…..she lies about God…. she’s untrustworthy and leaves a trail of victims…

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