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Tarl Beacock, Perth, Ontario, Canada

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This guy is a 100% liar. He tells people he was never married but there are wedding pictures on his town’s newspaper website from 2010. His exwife is on Facebook – tamby green in Michigan and has a post up about it
August 28, 2012 ·
Ok everyone out there I need some advice, what can you do about someone who is telling lies, and making you look bad on the innernet? Case and point. My soon to be (not soon enough for me) ex husband is on line telling woman on here that he and I were a couple, but were never married, and never slep together, an that he has never slept with anyone. Get a clue we were married for two years. (boy i can pick them cant I) I have woman leaving me messages on my facebook page asking me the truth about him, the idiot is actually stupid enough to give these woman my real name! Is he really dumb enough to think im not going to tell these woman the truth. what a moron. Anyway of course im going to tell these woman exactly what I think, and if there smart enough they will listen and not think its just sour grapes form the exwife. He is handing them the same crap he handed me when we first me. Help me!!

He says he never slept with anyone. I know for a fact he has at least HPV. Not sure of other diseases. I got a weird infection from him. He is a health risk.

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