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Tara Knight, Oregon

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LIAR! This woman has gone to far! Tara knell or Tara Knight or Tara Gervous and or Tara Bivans 4 failed marriages, chose drugs over her two boys and she thinks she’s something special having or attempting to have each man she’s been with arrested within the first 60 days. She steels credit cards, drives a Ford bronco without ins. In someone else’s name. She’s now playing a retired military man, an MMA fighter and some white trash guy she wears a dog collar to see. She has protituted the owner of IGA and litterally tried to destroy a man because he figured out she was steeling from him. Has 2 boys that are no longer in her custody because she won’t do drug testing. Almost forgot sells her used under garments online to random people If you come across this woman run the other direction at the present time her last boyfriend is sitting in jail because she would rub the fact she was cheating on him till he snapped while in jail she has friended his friends to snoop through there stuff taking pictures of files on his old phone for leverage along with pictures of mail and random documents I’m one of her ex’s who has seen her destroy everything in her way. She’s posted slander on this site about me with not one true fact just because i wouldn’t tolerate her gangster talk towards me. Any one who comes accross this lady she is not safe she will try and use your kids as leverage to get you to do what she wants. She’s not safe mentally or physically due to not taking her pills for her thyroid issues so she can’t regulate her moods and they go from poor poor pity me to im going to kill you.

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