Jeff Narron. Mechanicsville, Va

My husband of over 14 years cheated before & we worked it out because my kids having their family together was more important than my pride. Then a month after our 14th wedding anniversary, he tells me out of the blue he wants a divorce. I spent 2 weeks begging & pleading for him to work things out for our kids sake. I only did this because he promised me their was no other woman. Then I found the hidden text messages on his hangouts app. Sexting with the married woman at work he has told me before was a skank & he didn’t like. Sad thing is my husband is a weak ass man, he falls for any woman who is nice to him & this married skank came on to him. Their texts were disgusting to read. Broke my heart into a million pieces. There is no going back after that kind of hurt. To make matters worse, I found the texts after we had sex & discovered he was going away to a hotel with her the very next day (he had told me he was going to his dads). Absolutely disgusting! !
She was married with a kid so I contacted her husband & now he is divorcing her as well so it’s a bit of karma paying her skank ass a visit already. Their texts made fun of their bosses for being stupid for not catching them yet. I hope they do get caught & fired.
Hope they both enjoy living at home with their mommies & losing the privilege of seeing their kids everyday. The hurt he continues to put me threw, making this divorce harder than it has to be, playing with my emotions, fighting me on every little thing. He wanted this, he caused this but because I caught his ass, he wants to make me suffer even more. It’s not fair. It’s not right. I was a hard working, completely faithful wife to this man. I gave him 18 years of my life & 2 wonderful children but because he’s a weak ass lying cheater my life has been turned upside down. I hate him with every fiber of my soul & I can’t wait to sit back & laugh when karma really gets his ass. Jeff Narron & Lorin Zavik, both cheating ass pathetic life ruiners who truly deserve each other