Alfred Linwood Wood 12306 Poplar Forest Drive Apt. A Richmond, VA 23238

Alfred Linwood Wood aka Aj Jackson aka Happy Jackson is a womanizer to the max. He’ll use anybody including his own family members as well as man. I think that he’s on the down low but protests that he’s not but yet you hugged on other men!!! Alfred wants every woman to take care of his sorry lazy ass. He hates working, he hates paying child support plus can’t see his child either and also hate paying bills. He even moved in with a cancer patient after he quit has job to have some where to live for 2 years. She passed away sadly but this goes to show he’ll use anybody. He’s very selfish person!!!

He’ll jump from woman to woman, has 4 children that he has fathered. Its a 60 second man in the bedroom not worth the time no doubt!! If he wants to marry you he recycles rings. A true trashy guy not husband material . He’s a straight street type nigga will disrespect any woman verbally or physically but will tell you he’s not a woman beater or jealous!! Very petty bitch ass nigga just talk about his mama to set him off. Straight punk for real riding around with a glock and silcencer knowing he’s a felon. Yet he’ll tell you he’s very smart. He’s smooth to a degree but the charm wears off he’s a different person.

He (Happy Entertainment) also hosts fashion/party events to make money from the ho models to look at some ass without paying them. Nothing short of a pimp making off of them whether them hos know it or not. He’s cheap. Has daddy issues since his father didn’t want to be bothered with his ass. A real fucked up attitude………..its my way or the highway bullshit. Lye about everything more he talks the more you’ll hear the truth forgetting what he has told you. Plus very childish to just have turned 50.