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This man is an Internet Predator and Narcissist from Liverpoole, England ( go back please!) career car salesman aka Professional Liar, sell Rolls Royces and other fancy cars he neither owns nor can afford and the fact that he is British to lure the easily impressed low class naive African american and Hispanic young girls he has a sexual fetish for, also any other woman he can hook on Facebook and the multiple dating hook up site he is on to get fresh supply/new victims. He is on every dating site from Millionaire Match(ha) to , I love your accent, ashley madison ( while he was married),adult friend finder, tinder, plenty of fish,match.com and he uses different aliases, lies about his name and where he is currently living ( since he moves around alot as most con artists do). Tries to position himself a nice “single dad” looking for a serious realtionship when was in fact a married womanizer( blatantly lied on his profile and said he was divorced and then when he was caught lying said his wife whom he married /conned just to get US Citzenship told him it was okay to lie so he could get laid)anyway after he she had his lovechild he decides to get divorces since he got the green card he wanted. He also has a grown son in the UK from a teen pregnancy that he never even mentioned (since he ran away to the US to avoid being responsible for and another man raised) now his current little boy is being rised by another man a well- what a selfish loser. anyway this man is not looking for any relationship other than cheap sex and fuck buddies with as many black and latino women as possible. He will use perks form his job selling ego wagons such as free tickets to fancy work parties to lure women_ he will take you to a party he doesnt have to pay for one time to impress you then try and put you in his little harem of Facebook groupies, he also has women fly out to visit him ( on their expense of course) for their birthday or some other lame excuse then offer them to stay at his place so he can get them drunk and fuck them with his small penis and he will take them to a few c and d list trendy bars and clubs to further impress and seduce them into thinking they have some kind of special realtionship when they are no more that this weeks fuck toy and ego boost . he will keep up a fake text and facebook relationship to string them along forever… if you call him out on his bull shit and refuse to kiss his ass or tell the truth about him he becomes abusive, cruel etc, block you,tell his other guppies not to talk to you and , does gaslighting, says your crazy as he is truly emotionally dead and ony interested in serving and feeding his ego. also a sex addict, alcoholic and takes trip to third world countires liek Columbia, dominican repulic , curacao etc to have sex with poor black and latin women who have to sell themselves to survive. No wonder he is a carrier spreader of HPV which is not protected by condom from all the african crackwhores and sluts he fucks. This man is a disgusting lying selfish cold fucked up British Pig in a suit- he can threaten all he wants _ i will no longer keep his secrets for him. If he does not want the truth told about him he should not think he can use, abuse and treat black and latin women like cheap pieces of disposible ass and get away with it. you fuced with thee wrong bitch this time liverpool loser!

Eric, Maricelli. Los Angeles & San Diego. California

This guy cheated on me 10 days ago saying he was going out of town on a trip to east coast come to find out he went to visit his Ex Wife And Girlfriend he meant six weeks ago on a dating website called POF!!!!!!! This Eric Guy is a liar cheater and has about 50 STDs that he swears he don’t have ! This JERK is a musclebound steroid druggie FREAK and if you get too close to him he might even come to your house and hunt you down threatening to beat you up!!!!! I had to file a restraining order on him a few weeks ago while he was stalking me for my home!! STAY AWAY from the Psycho!!!! To make things worse Eric was sleeping with four of my friends who attended the same school as him. And has treated them the same way or in fact worst!!!!! I’m now out 4500$ for all the test’s he made me go through and shovel out from dr bills etc. WOMEN PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS CRAZY STALKER ERIC MARICELLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George Clooney, Lexington, Kentucky

George Clooney was cheating on his wife with me and as for the truth of this, I busted him cheating on me with Julia Roberts..he knows the truth? His wife Amal wants to leave him, but now she don’t because George Clooney is a known heart breaker in Hollywood. She knows he’s handsome foxed actor but he will never changed his ways. George put his fingers inside my asshole and my pussy and started to finger fuck me. He told me he couldn’t wait until he blew his nutt all over my ass. Then two days later we went back to the hotel and did our thing. George fucked my pussy so hard with his tongue and made me cum all over his mouth. He even told me I tasted better then his own wife. Amal has a big ego now after being married to George Clooney and that she is placing more importance in her looks and doesn’t even care about him cheating on her, because she don’t want to lose him. Now George Clooney was seen kissing a unknown blonde woman during a dinner but sources close to George Clooney denied it saying that the woman was the wife of a good friend of George Clooney and that they were only kissing as a form of hello. Now he lying on me, if he keeps this shit up i have video and photos that i will post on this website so his wife can see all dirty shit he did to me, Don’t let George fool you because he is actor. He was good in bed with his little 5 inches. George middle name is Timothy. So watch out for him because he is a Womanizer…


Anthony Broccolina cheated on me and hit me. He is a low life that abuses and plays games with women. Uses people and scams people with his business Baltimore Building Concepts. He sleeps around and fucks anything. He even fucks multiple hoes in his truck but pretends to be someone he is not. Avoid this loser. He stole money and items from my home. He cheats on every women he has been with and he has no respect for women. This guy doesn’t deserve any woman or your business. Beware of him!

Tom Shunk, Tallapoosa, Georgia

Tom Shunk is a liar and womanizer. He manipulates women and makes them believe his Bull Shit. He is married with children and plays it off as though he is unhappy and getting a divorce. While he is still living with his wife in the family home. Uses younger girls for sex when hes actually married. Uses online dating sites to pray and lie to girls. He has affairs with girls only 16 years old and married women some is who are in long term relationships and feeds them lies to get them to go to bed with him. He is a home wrecker and shouldn’t be trusted.


Damon Holmes, East Orange, New Jersey

While on my spiritual journey, I met a man who I thought was God sent to me. All seem to be well and he did and said all of the right things. We seem to have a lot of common to include financial and personal goals. I married Damon and my children and I relocated to New Jersey to be with him. I uprooted my whole life for him. A month before moving, Damon broke in my phone and found text messages from a very good friend of mine whose from a different country. He falsely accused me of cheating on him and continued the accusations until I finally left the home. Shortly after leaving, I found out in clear black and white that Damon is a fraud, liar, whore dog, and womanizer. He had over 10 women that he was dealing with and having unprotected sex with. He tried to have a women in each state. Damon also videoed several women having sex with him without them knowing it. It appears that Damon was trying to blackmail women with the videos. Additionally Damon was in two long term relationships with the two women pictures: Deborah W. Simpson and Keisha L. Bishop. They continued to be the side chicks throughout our marriage. Deborah is old and Keisha is fat, both seem to have very low self-esteem. They tolerate his BullShit and give him their checks. These woman were with him even throughout the birth of his two children. He is in fact, a dead beat dad who pretends to have a loving relationship with his children. He pays a minimum amount of child support and nothing beyond that. He is broke and all of his Facebook pictures are fake. He has a long criminal record to include FRAUD. He has traveled on the dime of many women who he has failed to post in his Facebook pictures. Also – I have reason to believe that he may be down low as well. He self published a book titled Epiphany on the Milk Crate. Don’t waist your money or your time reading it. It is poorly written and he made most of it up. He use the book to attract educated women like myself. He also use craigslist and other social media site to meet women. Remember he tired to have a women in every state and he was having unprotected sex. Damon is the devil in disguise, He is full of lies, scams, Be aware ladies — it is well overdue for Damon Ra shad Holmes to be exposed. Date him or have sex with him at your own risk. You have been warned. This is my husband (will be ex in due time) so you can take it from me or be another one of his victims. Do your homework!!


Wilton Robinson, Virginia

This man is a serial womanizer currently pursuing a married woman and trying to break up a marriage and a family unit for personal gain.

Lee Henderson, London, England

Lee Henderson is a womanizer but in truth hates women and will abuse them and he has one filthy foul mouth. He loves to torment women if they disagree with him or do not care for his advances. He thinks he is charming,handsome,and a gift to women. The truth is,this man has a dark evil soul. Do not get involved with him in anyway.

Clayton Evans, Huntington Beach, California

Clayton Evans is a womanizer. He lures married women to sleep with him in cheap hotels. He claims to love sleeping with married women, preferably white women. He is a cheater and womanizer. Find him in Huntington Beach, California