Hannah, Grace, Gruber. Boulder. Saratoga. Colorado. Wyoming. Kansas. United States.

Hannah is a nasty older 30’s hopeless and cheater who leaves her 4 year old with pedophiles in Nederland (mainly Salvatore Francis Vitale Jr.) so that she can fulfill he insatiable lust for black men. He female parts smell of raw dog and rotting sperm as she often houses more than one mans sperm in her vaginal cavity. She puts herself out there on facebook and POF and other sleexy dating sites because she is not attractive enough to be picked up in daylight. She has been nasty with at least these guys within a month usually since last April 2016. She has also been pregnant, had a child or is expecting a child by one of these guys- she is unsure of whose sperm got her pregnant. Willie Boyd an employee at I-25 KIA in Longmont, Rob a chef at Oasis Brewery in Boulder, CO, Myron Segers (The Professor) of Aurora or Lakewood, and Ethen Taylor Marlett of Lyons Colorado are all the recent victims of her manipulation and spreading of STD’s. If you don’t believe me just google one of these dudes and ask them yourself.

William (Willie) Boyd

He is an old fake as rasta that preys on susceptible young white girls. He is an abussive, lying cheater who won’t hesitate to try and stick his small wrinkled grey pens into your girlfriend; whether volunteering or not he will try to impose his dirty ass on any of the innocent white girls in Boulder CO. He has been diagnosed with Herpes and will try to impregnate you to keep you around. He lives at the Lofts on Pelotin and works in Longmont at the I-25 Kia in Longmont. His number is: 3039901342