William Kulisanski, Massachusetts

William Kulisanski cheating on his wife with my best friends and hurting both of them. This man will never change! He cheated on my best friend (his fiancé at the time) left his fiancé and married her. Now he is cheating on the new wife my best friend. I feel so bad for the wife Melissa she has no idea. I feel worse for my best Friend who actually believes his lies and that he is never going to leave the wife. He has them both fooled. I’m hoping someone will finally teach this man a lesson. If you know Will Kulisanski from Gardner Mass he is cheating on his wife and breaking hearts including his wife’s and my bff’s heart. If I knew how to reach the wife I would tell her but I’m sure she will never believe it so if you know him stay away!! He is bad news. Says he is holistic healer but he preys on people emotions. Melissa you really think he is working all those hours and where do you think he goes when he goes to a clients house???