Brendon Rogers, Hawkesbury Heights, New South Wales

Brendon Watsford Rogers – Accountant ; I am wife number 2, caught Brendon cheating with another woman (Roz ) that has 2 boys aged 10 and 12; he has a son that is currently is 7 years old and Brendon will buy your affections with his money and then move to your children while making a tab of how much he spends so that he can use it later when you catch him cheating with the next woman!!! Wife number 1 had warned me but Brendon will have you convinced that she is crazy and g*d only knows what he says about me now. The poor woman between myself marrying him and his first wife …only got ENGAGED to him but unfortunately lost ALL her money by poring it into his business…. So separated in 2010 from Wife 1; already dating victim 2 who had 3 children, and moved in together within 5 months got engaged at 10 months of dating (relationship ended late 2011 into 2012; I meet Brendon feb 2012 engaged October 2012 married April 2013 separated January 2015. Be aware he is manipulative, emotional and financially abusive. He will pay for everything and have you believing that he is your night in shinny Armour, but the moment you say NO to him about ANYTHING then he will start moving on, and the working late hours will start and the abuse will begin. BEWARE of this narcissistic man. He is very shaming but a predator of venerable women with children.