William “willyforeal” Gagan Portland, Oregon

William Gagan is one of the worst people I’ve ever dated. He goes by Will Gagan, William Gagan, & willyforeal
I dated him a short time. About 3 weeks.
In the beginning we was kind and caring. He showed me lots of respect while he was courting me. Then when we started dating he turned into an absolute narcissistic, psychopathic control freak! This guy got creepy! The way he looked at me was even weird it was just a blank stare. If I talked to anyone else he would just stare at me.
After about 1 week he started negging me, cutting me down, making me feel bad about myself. He started arguments about what he felt was best for me based upon his own personal opinions, he started asking for money, for me to pay his rent and bills. Then he would raise me back up with praise, then back down again making me feel insecure. On the third week I was diagnosed with herpes. I brought it up to him and he denied having it and refused to get a test. I had not had herpes before and the last time I was with a guy was about a year prior. He lied. I see what other girls post about him as well stating he has given them herpes also. He’s such a scumbag! I hate this guy. He has a tattoo across his boy body he also got in prison. Disgusting.
If you are reading this it’s because you know him or know if him. If you do stay away from William Gagan trust me. You do not want to get involved with a person like this. He comes across as kind and caring but he has deep mental issues. If you know him he’s already started the game I’m sure. Telling you how great he is, that he has worked in far away places doing humanitarian work, etc. I’m not lying. This is true ladies, DO NOT GET NEAR William Gagan.
I am still silently friends with this freak on Facebook just to watch him in action with others. He’s one of the biggest drama queens I know. Always trying to get attention, playing his con game. What a pathetic piece of shit. I know he has been with several guys as well out of Portland, Oregon.
If you care about yourself hide your pocketbook from this guy and never date him or friend him. You’ve been warned.