Tony Brea

Tony Brea is a drug user, virus spreader (ask him about the sores he gets in & around his genitals, groin area, & buttocks ), liar, cheater, coward, & user with NO regard for who he infects or hurts. He’s solicited ( & offered to pay) at least one of his former lovers asking her if she’d get him prescription painkillers & xanax (xanibar) from her doctor so that he could sell the pills for money for him.. Tony has stated that he’s a former gang member from Miami/ Carol City area, but that he keeps in touch with his leader. But he’s a proven coward who hides women. He does have arrest records in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, & Palm Beach County. He is known to reside in Royal Palm Beach, Lake Worth, and currently the West Palm Beach & Loxahatchee area. He is currently employed by an aquatic vegetation control company based in Riviera Beach & Martin County Florida (FYI- that company has been warned of his use since he drives one of their trucks). That virus he spreads well he got that after getting with Brittany C Park ( (aka LilBritt) also of the Loxahatchee and West Palm Beach area). Condoms will not protect you when they can’t cover the infected area. Tony has stated he thinks sexually transmitted diseases a joke, and who cares about stds & if someone does drugs. This is to warn those who don’t know Tony Brea and/or those who don’t know what he’s really like and capable of. Please protect yourself at all costs from Tony Brea and from Brittany Park.

You can find him on facebook (add the https://)
You can find Brittany Park on facebook (add the https://)