Van Endaya, Paranaque Airforce 1

It has been 2 years on what you did to my family and now i heard you have done it again! Sure, it would be great to live life completely free of obligation. You’re a CPA and working at SM, why do you do this? You’re into triathlons cant you afford it? Thats why you get guys to pay them for you and buy you the bikes you want and pays the hotel and races? And you’re also proud to be with younger guys. And flirting with your crossfit coach? You have the freedom and ability to do what you want, go where you want and date who you want. But that’s the problem. You can date who you want and so you did…but you never once stopped to consider what it was you were doing when you were sending my husband flirty text messages , inviting him for dinner or what your sexually explicit pictures were doing to lure my husband away from me and yes i have pictures and text messages. Is that the reason why your husband left you? I know it wasn’t your fault entirely, I know that he played an equally responsible role, but for some reason my wrath and rage is directed at you. You who had no issue with the fact that you were the reason my children were crying themselves to sleep. You were the reason that my marriage was in shambles. You were the reason I had to sit and question what I had done to deserve this and what I had done that was so terrible that would cause my husband to hurt me in such a despicable way. You were the reason I was in such shock over the break down of my marriage that I could barely eat or sleep. My face and eyes were puffy for days because of all of the crying and pleading I did to try and make any sense of this. My husband works hard so that he could earn an income to support out family, and we would wait for him and miss him, and after all that time he comes home and this time his attention was focused still down there. And you even went biking with him and trained with him at Mall of Asia. He didn’t come back to us as a faithful husband, father or provider–he came home as a selfish, hateful cheater who was willing to sacrifice everything for your nasty a*s. Does your daughter even know what have you been doing? Or maybe she is part of your scam. So sad for her. What a role model you are. What was so special about you? You have fake silicon b***s, fake a*s and needled face. What was so unique that you were worth sacrificing everything we had built together over twenty years of being together? You are just a old stupid woman. Stupid and selfish and hateful. I hate you Vanj Endaya! I hate you you homewrecking f*****g B***H! You f*****g messed with my family and while I never generally hate anyone, I hate you. I know it has been 2 years but it hit me again because I heard you ruined a “few” families again! There is no compassion for you what-so-ever! I hope you are miserable and lonely and that you contract a communicable disease. I hope you drown on your swim. I hope you crash on your bike. I hope you break your knees on your runs. I hope you have a beautiful home with years worth of memories and holidays and occasions celebrated within its walls. I hope you have a perfect family. And then when you least expect it, I hope some f*****g homewrecking w***e comes along and f***s your husband without any consideration for you or the life that you built. I hope she steals him away and never comes back to you. I hope she spends all the assets that you and your husband have accumulated over your many years of marriage and then I hope she puts your husband so in debt that he can’t pay his way out of a paper bag. And then I hope she sets her sight on your home and decides that she wants it for herself. And then after the annulment, I hope they get married on your birthday while you cry into your drink after you have become a raging lunatic alcoholic. I hope you never find love or happiness again and that you die lonely and miserable like the crazy, callous, hateful, uncaring c**t that you are. I also hope that your husband f***s you after making sweet passionate love to his mistress and that you contract a nasty STD that can’t be cured with anti-biotics. I also hope that everyone in your life learns about how nasty and disgusting you are and that you never have a day of peace because of what you did to my family and others. Do I seem angry again after years has passed? It’s likely because I am. But the good news for me is that a lot of people knew how b***h you are! And they know that you’re “pokpok”. I don’t even need to expose you coz they knew already. You were with 6 men in a year? My g*d! You’re disgusting! And ruined their lives! You even f****d your own team mate in Century Trihard! How many are they? The eye doctor and the businessman. How about the councilor? What a gold digging b***h! So what did you do with rolex, bikes, clothes etc? Did that resolved the tuition of your daughter? Why do Century and other brands tolerate you? Oh yes I know you even f****d the life of the Centurys VP. Until now maybe. I hope you never do to another woman what you did to me, because no other woman deserves what you did…except whoever screws you over.