Laena Micaela Martinez. Yucaipa. CA. USA

I do not how long I was married to Laena before the lies and cheating started. I have email, video, screenshot, and IM proof that it was happening after only the first two years of marriage. During this time I would recieve letters and text messages expressing how much she loved me and being my wife. They were lies. I would recieve sexy photos and videos from her and it made me feel I was special in her eyes. That was false. When I was at work, or working in the yard, or basically anytime I wasnt in the same room she was communicating with old boyfriends, male co-workers, and complete strangers she met off dating sites on the internet. She would tell them how sexually deprived she was at home and trade nude photos and masturbations videos with them on multipe apps. I have no idea how many of these people she met in person and had sex with. At least until she up and left me. Then it was all of them. Not only was she cheating and lying, when she left she took every penny we nhad the family car, and our sons. She left me holding the bag for the rent,and $500 in utility bills. After she left not only was she having unprotected sex with strangers she met online and would pick up in bars she set out on a campaign to destroy me emotionally and legally. I had the police at my house for things she called in that were complete fabrications. She would hold my sons hostage and not let me see them until she needed someone to watch them while she hooked up with another stranger of group of strangers for a sexual encounter. Eventually I had enough and filed for divorce myself. Still to this day, even when confonted with proof of her lies, she is unrepentant, smug, and continues to lie. She can not be trusted to tell the truth about anything. She even lied on her response to my petition for divorce. She is on multiple dating web sites, social media websites, and uses multiple apps to this day. I am not easy shocked and consider myself open minded sexually, but I have seen some of the things she does with these people and it makes me physically ill. I’m sure there is a lot more I don’t know about and I wonder if she is carrying one or even multipe STDs by now. Either way I’ll never know and my advice to anyone who comes in contact with her online or in the real world is you probably don’t want to find out.