Travis Tobinus, Douglassville, Pennsylvania

I met Travis Tobinus from pof.Com. I really loved our time collectively but realized fast that he used to be a want to be dangerous boy. A lied and a cheater. He’s on probation and as I learned from a historical past verify had served some time previous years back on some meth fees. We could under no circumstances go to his house seeing that of his so referred to as roommate (a feminine) who he it appears he had been seeking to eliminate for sometime simply wouldnt depart. That was additionally a lie. Women dont fall for Mr wish to be badass. He is a meth addict want to be Mr Pimp he relatively doesnt have it happening. I dont think this man will ever grow up and take any responsibility for his movements. You are going to get harm or used for awful late night intercourse.Viable a STD with it!