Thuba Dinh Dorchester, Dorchester, Massachusetts

Thuba Dinh continues to carry on an affair with my husband. My family was kind and helpful to her family. They had been to my house on several times She married a much older man, most likely so she could live in the U.S. Unfortunately he died a couple years ago and the problems began. My husband coached her boys and I asked him to keep the relationship with Thuba strictly professional. I wanted to speak with Thuba directly about the flirtatious text messages she sent, but my husband begged me not to because he wanted her to continue paying for lessons, so I kept quiet. In retrospect, I should have addressed it immediately. I foolishly thought my husband would not be attracted to Thuba because she barely speaks English, has no formal education and has several children to support. Of course, I was mistaken. I finally confronted her and demanded she stay away from my family. She knew he was married with a young child. My husband said he does not want to be with her, especially after learning she was s******g his good friend behind his back. This woman is untrustworthy on many levels. My husband also lacks integrity and cannot be trusted. For this reason, the marriage will be dissolved. I will focus on our young child and move forward with my life. Thuba pretends to be kind, but she is very deceitful. She should focus on bettering her life and raising her children.