Reijean W Robinson

She was arrested several times including once on July 6 2015 in West Hartford, CT for breach of peace.

She currently has two young children and one of the children’s father is deceased. Before he passed she cheated on him with her current boyfriend. Before all of this Reijean was having sex with a dozen guys when she used to sell her body on as an escort to make money on the side. She only does that time to time now and currently finances herself from drug money that her current boyfriend makes.

Her older sister Raven Robinson also is known to hoe around and sleep with everyone. Her sister Raven does not have as much money as her and is broke living in hotels.

This is the address for Reijean

33 Madison Street
Hartford CT

Her sister Raven’s address is

46 Winchester Street
Hartford CT

Raven P Robinson, Hartford CT USA. Jamaica Queens USA

Stay away from this girl. Raven Robinson originally from Hartford CT and currently in Jamaica Queens is a literal whore in every sense of the word. She is also a thief, a drug addict addicted to weed, coke, and molly. Raven prostitutes herself out for these same drugs and is currently homeless and has no house. She lives out of the Comfort Inn Hotel in Jamaica Queens and has lived there for several years. She has no car of her own and always has to beg someone else for a ride. She has cheated on every one of her last boyfriends and has two children a son and a daughter who she never visits and only sees on holidays and just throws money at them

She sleeps around with the security guards at strip clubs in the city and is always having trains run on her as long as you have weed

Raven is needy, clingy, bipolar and unstable and has been that way for several years now. She has no plans or goals in life, only wants to continue being a prostitute

She also has been a prostitute for several years on the website Her photos can be found on google under the phone numbers

347 638 5345
347 730 2288
734 681 3834


Has herpes and doesn’t tell the person until after you you hit definitely not worth it!! She be with someone else a month later , loose , smelly. If you’re dating her I feel bad for you…