Ray Hollingsworth, Petersburg, West Virginia

Ray Hollingsworth and I met at work this summer. We started out as friends, nothing more. His wife and he even helped me move into my new house. Let me continue by saying that he isn’t a bad guy. He initiated everything. The first night we slept together was on their anniversary. At this point in time they were both done with their marriage. She had begun to cheat as well. After the first time, I discovered i was pregnant. I, more scared than him, told him and he continued to comfort me about it. I tried multiple times to end it. Needless to say it didn’t work. Someone we work with told his wife and he left to be with me that night. The next day, i receive a text saying hes done with me and will pay half for an abortion. I had wanted one from the start because my first pregnancy was terrible, he refused at that time. After hours of arguing with him and her i was rushed to the hospital and miscarried. He doesn’t know and i have no desire to tell him. I think back on everything and realized he did love me like he said, he just got scared cuz Crystal has more than i do and he had lost his job after i got pregnant. But for him to come about ending it like he did was wrong.